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Selected modules:

Design Management and Innovation ~ Process and Practice
Unit Leader: Richard Chipps

Design Products ~ Visual Communication
Unit Leader: Alan Crummey

Business Communications and Creativity: Level 1 year long module
Unit Leader: Bev Dinsey

Institution resources and papers:

De Montfort University have developed the follow documents, papers and presentations as part of the InCurriculum project.

DMU module handbook audit (2008) [pdf]
Rationale for selecting modules in De Montfort University [ [pdf]]

Enhanced student engagement through multi- sensory dialogue

Key to this dialogue is to understand the different approaches to learning and from there to develop a learning strategy in dialogue with the student. The underpinning principle for this approach is that a connection has to be made to bridge the gap between the learning and the activity. A depth of student /staff understanding should happen to enable strategies for student engagement.

The proposed practice is to bridge this gap and enable students to develop strategies that allow them to engage with a range of assessment tools. A tiered set of resources will be linked to tutorials, as a managed approach, and will
1) provide resources in a variety of formats.
2) Make the link between learning style and assessment task.
Visual strategies will be used to develop cognitive thinking for a range of assessment tools. The purpose will be to develop the student’s cognitive tool kit for problem solving (Mortimore 2003) bringing high level transferable skills to employment.

The evidence for the approach has been drawn from two years of development. A model of engagement will now be developed from this practice within one module during 2009-10.

Mortimore, T. (2003) Dyslexia and Learning Style. A practitioner’s handbook Whurr

Interviews with DMU module leaders:

Richard Chipp's, Institution Coordinator, discussing the development a map that represents the model of teaching and learning that is being put in place within DMU.
Following on the above video Richard Chipps discussing the development methodology for the changes and processes taking place at DMU.