University of Westminster

Selected Modules:

Design Discourses 2GRA522: Level 6
Unit Leader: Katie Hayes

Final Major Project 2GRA608: Level 7
Unit Leader: Katie Hayes

LLB Housing Law – 1 LAW 528: Level 5
Unit Leader: David Roberts


Capturing the voice: exercise in discursive learning

This research explores the embedding of discursive learning practices into teaching and how these skills can be recognised, captured and assessed.
Founded in a desire to use inclusive practices to recognise and support a diverse community of learners. Empowered, engaged learners are developed through collaborative processes that take their lead from teaching practices found in the creative disciplines.

The value of discursive learning in enabling deep learning is evident, what is not is the capture and assessment of this skilful, transferable practice.
This research aims to explore and discuss tools and modes of capture for discursive experiences. Digital technologies, diagrammatic and visual formats are inserted into the dialogic process. These tangible, visual records look to support and document the oral informational patterns created through discussion.

Suitable assessment models for this kind of process-based practice are developing. Inclusive appropriate assessment demands rigour but also reflexivity, thus aiming to capture the full range of student’s skills, knowledge and understanding.

The third year of this research will look towards experimentation with tools and process aiming to capture as much student experience and feedback as possible.

Institution resources and papers:

The University of Westminster have developed the follow documents, papers and presentations as part of the InCurriculum project.

Presentation ~ University of Westminster Teaching and Learning Seminar [pps]
: Katie Hayes, 11 March 09

Case study ~ Hearing the Student Voice [pdf]: Katie Hayes, Institutional co-ordinator, was asked by Steering Group member Ann Rumpus to write a case study for the ESCalate-funded project Hearing the Student Voice, based on the student think-tank discussions being introduced as part of the InCurriculum project. The case study provides information on the think-tank discussion groups from the implementation to implications.

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