Web Accessibility

Text-To-Speech Translation

The InCurriculum website features Text-To-Speech technology provided by Textic. You can activate the speech by clicking on the "Click to Show Text Reader" button that is shown on the top left of every page of the web site, which will bring up the Toolbar.
Using the Toolbar

To enable text to speech, simply click on the ON button. This will activate the Text-to-Speech technology to read aloud the words that you move your mouse over.

Why not try it out on this block of text to see how it works?

The project aims to develop an inclusive curriculum for Higher Education (HE) i.e. the university sector. It builds on the expertise and practice set in place in the UK by the national AimHigher project “AchieveAbility: breaking barriers to HE for SpLD (specific learning differences) students”.

The Toolbar also has other features:

* You can save the speech from the website as an mp3 file by clicking the record button.
* You can make the text larger or smaller using the plus and minus buttons
* and you can change the colour that the spoken text is highlighted with by clicking on the colour palette button.

We hope you find the Text-to-Speech features useful, but please note that this function is provided by a third party organisation. If you have any problems or complaints about the Text-to-Speech toolbar, please address them to the provider, Textic.