The Project


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The InCurriculum project set out to develop the principles of an inclusive curriculum for Higher Education (HE) i.e. the University sector. Those principles as represented within this site and accompanying documentation are commensurate with both the UK Quality Code and Bologna Process.

The project builds on the expertise and practice set in place in the UK by the national AimHigher project “AchieveAbility: breaking barriers to HE for SpLD (specific learning differences) students”. This project was based in the school/college sectors; its outcomes will be transferred to the HE sector, investigating and piloting mechanisms for an inclusive teaching and learning environment for all students, drawn from good practice for those with SpLDs. The project will also apply the understanding gained through teaching in the Art and Design fields, where a visual and creative approach to learning and teaching is frequently adopted.

The project will delivered its work through:

9 modules or units which were modified to develop and refine inclusive delivery methods to all students as an integrated and embedded part of the curriculum

  • Create transferable learning materials and strategies that are not solely relevant to applicants or students with SpLDs

  • An evaluation of the provision to provide a model for an inclusive curriculum for HE

  • A project report identifying good practice in HE teaching, learning and assessment

  • Interim and final dissemination conferences

  • Staff development materials for use in HE: a guide to using these materials in staff development and teaching programmes for new staff

  • An ongoing network of HE experts