About InCurriculum

The project aims to develop examples of an inclusive curriculum for higher education (HE), building on the expertise and practice set in place in the UK by the National AimHigher Project “AchieveAbility: breaking barriers to HE for SpLD (Specific Learning Differences) students”. This project was based in the sixth form and further education (FE) sectors.

InCurriculum aims to transfer its outcomes to the HE sector, investigating and piloting mechanisms for mainstreaming an inclusive teaching and learning environment for all students. This will develop practice devised for students with learning differences so that it benefits all.

Many issues in developing an inclusive curriculum in the AchieveAbility project, such as staff development and dissemination, will transfer directly from FE to HE, but precise curriculum solutions will differ at HE level. There is autonomy of assessment in HE not present in FE, which lends a new and important dimension to the work. An aligned curriculum (Biggs, 2003) appropriate for all students, is needed. Once the good practice has been investigated, evaluated and established it will be transferable to the rest of the HE sector. There is a strong HE network arising from the dissemination of the AchieveAbility project, which can be used for consultation, formative evaluation and final dissemination and future networking. The production of staff development materials, and the design and evaluation of effective processes for using these is an important part of the project; dissemination is a key theme.

The ethos of the work is that the HE curriculum should be:

  • Providing stimulating, supportive and accessible learning, based on mutual respect and trust, assisting all students in achieving their full potential

  • Ensuring that all students are treated fairly

  • Under-pinned by a social model of disability and learning difference, which does not regard an individual's medical condition or impairment as a within-person defect or personal tragedy, but instead sees disability as constructed by the organisational, physical and attitudinal barriers that prohibit people from achieving equality and inclusion

  • Offering access to everyone to the opportunities provided by higher education and creating barrier-free learning.

  • InCurriculum focuses on three modules or units in each of the three participating institutions. These are being modified and evaluated by means of an action research process over the three-year time-span of the project. Staff and students are involved in a process of continual evaluation. In due course, there will be conferences to disseminate the outcomes; teaching and staff development materials will be published.

    The 'Transformations' is a Think Tank event taking place on Thursday 24th June 2010 at Norwich University College of The Arts, Duke Street Building. The purpose of the event is to discuss practical measures for developing and disseminating inclusive practice. The key discussion points will contribute to the final Higher Education Academy Report, for this national teaching fellowship project. Participant contributions will be highly valued. To book please click on the Think Tank booking form and send to Yvonne Moore, please also circulate the PDF flyer to promote this event.

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