How InCurriculum helps

HEIs are having to deal with an ever-increasing diversity of students . This increase includes growing numbers of students identified with a range of specific learning differences and disabilities; however, widening participation challenges the sector to deliver inclusive and accessible courses for all.

Inclusive learning and teaching practices improve the retention and attainment of all students, including those from 'traditional' backgrounds (if that expression retains any meaning).

There is a growing body of excellent work on inclusive learning and teaching
. The UK also has a long history of innovative work on support for students with learning differences, but up to now this has been separate from mainstream course delivery.

InCurriculum is contributing to this field by researching the impact of embedded inclusive learning and teaching practices in three HEIs over a three-year period. Selected courses in the three partner institutions are being modified to make them more accessible (in both delivery and assessment), and the impact of this is being researched with both students and staff. The outcomes of the research will be disseminated on this website and also at a range of public meetings.

It aims to answer the following questions:.
  • How can a mainstreamed inclusive curriculum with embedded support be characterised and taught?
  • How can expertise in supporting students with learning differences be extended from specialist support to academic staff?
  • How can the assessment framework be expanded?