InCurriculum institutions

The InCurriculum project is a consortium of three Higher Education Institutions:

Norwich University College of the Arts
InCurriculum Contact: Neil Powell, Project Leader
Institution Coordinator: Felicity Booth

Norwich University College of the Arts is a specialist institution with a range of art and design courses. From 2000–2002 the School managed the project Attitudes to Disability in Art & Design, organising a conference: Crossed Words, Mixed Messages – the Experience of Dyslexia in December 2002. The School has developed flexible approaches to assessment in art and design, exemplified by PhD assessment through both academic and creative aspects, and supports innovative research on dyslexic students, such as the PhD ‘A typeface for the Adult dyslexic reader’.
The University of Westminster
InCurriculum Contact: Katherine Hewlett, Project Development Director
Institution Coordinator: Katie Hayes

The mission of the The University of Westminster is to provide high quality higher education and research in both national and international contexts for the intellectual, social and professional development of the individual and for the economic and cultural enrichment of London and wider communities. Its Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning focuses on workplace learning and includes Media, Art and Design expertise. The university has developed post-16 materials and training for teaching SpLD learners.

De Montfort University
Institution Coordinator: Richard Chipps

De Montfort University (Leicester) offers unique provision within the curriculum for three dimensional design. The visual approach to learning in this subject area has been shown to be valuable for SpLD students in any discipline.